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The Dream Portofino

One of the eight wonder of the world

Monica loves Portofino from the view of Castle Brown


The ancient Roman historian, Plinius, called Portofino «Portus Delphini», a latin denomination that comes from the fact that the surroundings sea was frequented by a lot of Dolphins. To navigate is necessary for many people, for others it is a pastime. There are those who work on the sea, those who idle, the poor and rich of the sea, those who earn millions and others who spend millions. Immense noisy ports are necessary for the former while small quiet inlets are sufficient for the latter. Without doubt, Portofino is one of the most famous refuges in Europe and one of the most adapted to shelter sporting boats. There is not one Italian, English, French, Belgian or Dutch yacht that has not anchored here at least once.

The delightful bay of Portofino reflects the perennial green of the pines that stretch out their airy branches over its deep blue waters and it is ringed by steep lush green hills, serenely profiled against the sky. Castles, villas, large and small, and cottages that can only be approached by steep foot-paths perch on hillocks or lie halfway up from the coastline: they are half concealed by vine and olive leaves and rest in blissful contemplation of the small underlying port and distant sea. Along the edges of the bay are mirrored the pale pink fishermen's houses which are topped by roof terraces covered with flowering geraniums. These houses border a square which declines into the waters of the port; here the fishermen haul up their « gozzi » (a special type of double-prowed boat used in the Mediterranean) and small boats as if on the shore of a beach. Under the pointed arches of the arcades around the square the greengrocers, the tobacconist, barber, carpenter and fancy goods merchants await within dark shops to sell their commerce; the many boutiques display the latest splendid models in fashion; the restaurants have their tables set outside and attract passing gourmets coming from all parts of the globe.

History of Portofino Italy

What is Portofino known for?

Today, Portofino is still a place known for international tourism and the jet-set lifestyle. Our city is located in a small area – 2 kmq – making it rigorously pedestrian. It is often called the most beautiful «Piazzetta» in the world. It is a unique sort of salon en plein air, filled with magic and charm. Within a few steps, you can visit famous ateliers and see some outstanding yachts at the marina decks – which hosts yachts from 8 meters up to 40. You may see fishermen organizing their nets and witness unforgettable sunsets of pastel colors on the bay. Many International fashion houses chose Portofino as their home- included among them are Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Emilio Pucci and many more. You can find these boutiques in «Via Roma», the main street starts from the parking area and ends at the «Piazzetta» or on the two piers Molo Umberto I and Calata Marconi. Besides Shopping at the Ateliers, you may choose to visit many local boutiques that sell handmade clothes and lace, cashmere garments, bikinis, and other local products. Artistic life is also remarkable, with painters and artists’ studios. Portofino’s watercolors are famous for representing the «Piazzetta», or glimpses of marine life.

Portofino is oftentimes a theatrical location for ads and TV shows. Hollywood star Charlize Theron, known as one of the world’s most beautiful women, inaugurated this tradition in 1998 when she became a charming representative for Martini, a brand that’s strongly linked to our city. Throughout the years, television shows like Beautiful, the fashion show «Modamare a Portofino» and movies starring Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner (to which Splendido dedicated their most elegant suite), Gina Lollobrigida and Rock Hudson; even MasterChef has featured Portofino as a location. Many illustrious brands have shot their products in Portofino includin: Zegna, with the old sailing competition; Fiat, for their Cabriolet Car; Dolce & Gabbana for the Ads with Monica Bellucci and Dior with an amazing video; Alitalia named the Boeing 747-243B Portofino, with the abbreviation I-DEMF. More recently, people have been struck by a breathtaking performance of the amazing Andrea Bocelli at the «Piazzetta» in Portofino. An emotional and unforgettable live concert. To end, on September 2017, Ferrari has made his debut with the new V8 Grand Turismo called Portofino.

I Delfini di Portofino 🐬

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Where Where in Portofino

Village Tourism Guide<

Aperitivo: Winterose at the end of Calata Marconi (left dock). Around 10 euro.
Art Gallery
: Lorenzo Cascio on the right of the Piazzetta. Really amazing!
Eating Out:
 Da U Batti, behind the Piazzetta. Around 100 euro. Secret Scampi Recipe.
 Cannone Bay, just a couple of minutes before Portofino.
Lighthouse of Portofino and the little wall above the yacht club in the walk to St. George.
Best Moment:
From 8pm during the season. Soo romantic!
Love Declaration:
Terrace on the right of the St. George Church, Castle Brown and the little pier on Molo Umberto I.
Magic: If you have time, walking in Portofino during Christmas, it's really magical. Embrace each other and let go!
 150 meters from the coast between Lighthouse and San Fruttuoso and in front of the Cervara Abbey. Best moment from October to March.
 500 meters from the coast between our lighthouse and Nervi (GE). Best moment from November to March.
In the season you can find them inside the little bay of the «Piazzetta».
Between the little bay of Cala dell'Oro and San Fruttuoso.
Wedding: Possible with a little patience to the Church of San Giorgio. Access need to be discussed in Townhall.
Best picture:
Go to Castle Brown. There is a deck with stunning views. Even San Giorgio Church deserves.
Mothers and children:
The access to the village and its surroundings is easy with prams. No problem. There aren't nursery in the city.
Keeping fit:
Jogging along the state Portofino to Santa Margherita Ligure (about 3.3 kilometers).
Dine in the Evening:
In season, Ladies are dressed in elegant evening gown.
Required for cars inside the silos. Cost during the season € 7,50 / h.
Christ of the Abysses at a depth of 17 meters in the San Fruttuoso bay. Amazing!
With your dog: Required dogs on a leash. They are very welcome.
There is a lift in the parking measuring 82 cm. Arrival in Piazzetta is possible without too many issues. Floor sandstone.
Good to know:
 We have Newsstand, Pharmacy, Police, Post Office, ATM and Captaincy.
They are in the square of parking on arrival. There are also at the end of Molo Umberto I. Pier at the right.
Emotional Thing:
Arrive in Portofino by boat at the sunset. Absolutely!
St. George's Bonfire: April 23rd. Emotional moment.
: +39.0185.269337 - Mobile +39.333.217.9407 - curia@chiavari.chiesacattolica.it
From April to October each day. In winter only in the weekend. In Christmas - most of the shops are closed - but emotions are amazing!

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